The story of this jean is that it should have gone straight to the landfill as it arrived in the showroom with "half leg" left and totally stained on the central part of both legs.

The creative process was born from its imperfections and from the desire to recover beautiful jeans. So I completed the left leg with jeans of recovery from the lighter wash and applied on the central part of the square patches of various washes also obtained from recycled jeans.

The jeans will be produced and shipped in 15 working days.

Before ordering, you must have measured the trousers you already own by consulting this GUIDE and have compared the measurements with the SIZE CHART to identify your size!


  • By purchasing these jeans you decide to invest in the circular economy process.
  • BEGGIE fit (not tight).
  • The wash of the jeans added on the left leg may vary based on availability.
  • The patches sewn on the central part are unique, therefore they may vary according to availability.
  • Unisex.
  • Hem at the bottom.
  • The basis of the jeans is vintage Levi's.
  • Each pant has been selected for its wash and level of wear.
  • These trousers are vintage, therefore each pair will have a UNIQUE wash.
  • There may be techniques such as reinforcing the rips and mending, so as not to have two pairs of jeans the same.
  • These jeans are 100% cotton and contain no stretch fibers.
  • The workmanship on this jeans was done entirely by hand.
  • As this is a single garment and produced on request, it is not possible to return or exchange it, therefore before buying it is recommended to measure a pair of jeans that you already own and consult the size chart .
    For further questions please contact our customer service.
  • Treat the garment with care to prolong its life. Recommended washing at 30º. Iron the garment inside out and not directly on the workings. If the garment is exposed to direct sunlight, the color of the fabric may fade.