Levi's custom vintage jeans.

I reworked this garment by making some detailed stitching scattered all over the beige and dark gray jeans.

Details also present on the back pockets and on the unstitched bottom hem.

Finally , I completed the custom, distributing the white color by hand from the fabric and creating two external slits on the bottom.

Consult the measurements below and compare them with a pair of trousers you already own. This will allow you to understand if it is the right size for you!

If you need to understand how to measure your pant, consult this GUIDE or go to the last product photo.

A: 41cm

B: 30cm

C: 31.5cm

D: 77cm

E: 21cm

The model is 1,80cm tall and weighs 60kg.

Head conditions: 9 /10

The jeans will be shipped in 5 working days.


  • By purchasing these trousers, you decide to invest in the circular economy process.
  • Baggie fit.
  • Slits on the bottom that open onto the sneakers.
  • Unisex.
  • The base is a 100% cotton vintage Levi's 501 jeans.
  • Color from high quality white fabric.
  • Detailed knitting done by hand with 100% cotton thread.
  • Each pant has been selected for its wash and level of wear.
  • Techniques such as tear reinforcement and mending may be present, so as not to have two pairs of trousers the same.
  • These trousers do not contain stretch fibres.
  • The workmanship on these trousers was done entirely by hand.
  • Since this is a single garment, it is not possible to return or exchange it, therefore before buying it is advisable to measure a pair of trousers that you already own and consult the size chart .
    For further questions please contact our customer service.
  • Treat the garment with care to prolong its life. Recommended washing at 30º. Iron the garment inside out and not directly on the workings. If the garment is exposed to direct sunlight, the color of the fabric may fade.